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    Prof. Dr. Frank Schwab

    full professor & chairman of the examining board and person in charge of studies in bachelor/media communication

    Campus Hubland Nord/Oswald-Kuelpe-Weg 82
    Zimmer: 2.014

    Tel.: 0931/31-82395
    Fax: 0931/31-87364

    office hours: by appointment


    Frank Schwab (*1963) graduated in psychology at Saarland University. Research assisstant in clinical-, media- and organizational psychology, freelancer at the media psychology research institute Saarland (mefis). He obtained his doctorate in Saarbrücken. Habilitation in June 2008 with the title "moving pictures - an evolutionary psychology of entertainment media"

    Research Interests

    Evolutionary aspects in media (emotional impact of media, cinema, entertainment) and organizations. Member of the ICA, DGPs, DGPuK and ISHE (Intern. Soc. Human Ethology)


    Universität Würzburg
    Sanderring 2
    97070 Würzburg

    Phone: +49 931 31-0
    Fax: +49 931 31-82600

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